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Thanks for looking at our website. 

There are so many Yards out there, many within our local area and we feel that here at Merstone Farm we have so much more to offer than the "average Yard". On top of our amazing facilities we have a professional team of staff on site everyday to ensure your horse will get the highest standard of care. 

You will see from our facilities that we have lots to offer. We are continually enhancing what is already in place and are currently in the process of expanding the facilities, which will soon be available. 

The whole Yard is incredibly friendly and most liveries have been here for many years. Our "tight ship" sails smoothly and efficiently ensuring that the horses care is our number one priority, the needs of their owners (although very important) come second to the horses welfare.

Please feel free to contact us and arrange to pop along and look at what we can offer you.

Be sure to like our FaceBook page for updates.